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Looking for a fishing reel that can cast longer distances accurately? Davids Outdoor Galore’s fishing reels can be your first choice. We have all kinds of fishing reels suitable for beginners, competitors, and fishermen. Our spinning fishing tackle reel can cast extra-large with ease. It is so lightweight with an adjustable drag system that beginners would find it comfortable. Also, the front drag system can let you change the adjustment conveniently while fighting a large fish. 

Many spinning reel internal mechanisms corrode when exposed to water but not in our waterproof high-speed spinning reel. We also have a magnetic fishing reel with a dual brake system and magnetic and centrifugal brakes, which allow you to control your cast and avoid backlash. Its 12-ball bearing system, line capacity, and gear ratio can enhance your fishing experience. All our fishing reels are suitable for rock, ocean, river, and reservoir fishing. Explore more about fishing reels now!